[RESOLVED] Abit BX6 rev2.0 & 3DFX
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Abit BX6 rev2.0 & 3DFX

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    Unhappy Abit BX6 rev2.0 & 3DFX

    Hi ,
    I have been using an Orchid ( Righteous ) Voodoo 1 Card with my Matrox Mystic ( 2 meg ) for a few years now. This was running on a 200MMX machine. I have upgraded the drivers all the time as well. Games like HalfLife , X-Wing Alliance , PodRacer, SystemShock2 Demo ran well until I upgraded to an AbitBX6r2 BX Mainboard & a PIII 450. Now when I play games like X-Wing All. Podracer demo , SS2 I get a rainbow effect of colours from the graphics which makes the Games unplayable. In software mode the games look ok but I prefer the 3dfx mode. I have removed the card from the Device Manager rebooted the Pc , Win98 detected the card and installed the drivers for it but the Colour problem is still there ? I also checked that the 3D enable is checked from the DX TroubleShooting. I went to the Orchid web site ( now owned by Diamond ) but the driver there is dated 1998 !!! ( I did try installing this it's on the Win98 Cd ) I read someone having a problem with graphic card & motherboard problem which turned out to be a jumper setting on the mainboard , I was wondering if this applyed to me , but my Abit is jumperless !!! Could it be a setting in the Bios ??? Maybe a Bios upgrade is needed ??? Is there anyway possible you can help me out of my misery ???? HELP ME PLEASE !!!

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    I left a reply in the Bios/Motherbard section.
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