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    1GB Cloud Storage Coming To Google Docs

    The project manager for Google Docs today announced a new 1GB storage limit for Google Docs, a 750MB increase over the current limit.

    Over the next few weeks, we're rolling out the ability to...
  2. Google Threat Jolts Chinese Internet Industry

    Google Inc.'s threat to walk away from China sent shockwaves through the country's fast-growing Internet industry Wednesday, with users, executives and analysts trying to gauge the potential fallout....
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    Wii becomes third console to stream Netflix

    An Associated Press story confirms that Netflix streaming will be added to the Wii this Spring, by way of a special DVD that must first be inserted into the console:

    Wii owners who have a...
  4. Intel Core i5 661 Review: Now With Built-In Graphics

    TechSpot take a look at Core i5 661, one of four new Core i5 processors. The other models include the Core i5 650, 660 and 670. Based on this naming scheme the Core i5 661 doesn't seem to fit quite...
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    What You Need To Know About USB 3.0

    USB 3.0 is the next major revision of the ubiquitous interface. Dubbed SuperSpeed USB, this new version promises a tenfold leap forward in transfer speeds as well as improved capabilities, all while...
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    Google, Heat up URL Shortening Race

    Short is hot. The simple URL shorterner utilities have gotten a lot of attention -- good and bad -- as the de facto means to share Web site addresses on services like Twitter. This week, both,...
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    Free Crysis Wars online multiplayer trial

    Just in case you didn't see the announcement a few days ago, here's a little reminder: Crytek has begun a new online mutiplayer trial of their first person shooter Crysis Wars. From now until...
  8. Google Chrome takes third place in browser market share

    According to Computerworld, the release of the Mac and Linux betas for the software helped push it into third place, past Apple's Safari browser.

    The week of December 6-12 saw Chrome hitting...
  9. Facebook can cut down 49,000 tons of CO2 by ditching PHP for C++

    The popular and addictive social networking website, Facebook, can get rid of 22,500 servers and move down to just 7,500 servers. And how is that possible? A programmer states that, by changing its...
  10. SATA 6Gbps Implementation Investigated ASUS vs. GIGABYTE P55

    TweakTown takes a look at two motherboards and see how they perform with SATA 6G. Here's a taster:

    The Intel P55 chipset offers enough bells and whistles for mainstream users looking to use a...
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    Happy B'day Noo!

    Happy B'day Noo!
  12. NEWS: Intel reveals Nehalem, Larrabee, Dunnington details

    Intel announced some more info on some upcoming projects today and this press release has some of the details revealed in a press briefing. Among them are some hints about Dunnington, the company's...
  13. VGA NEWS: Nvidia To Launch GeForce 9800 GTX On April Fools Day

    Nvidia has informed their partners that the GeForce 9800 GTX launch has been pushed one week from March 25th to April 1st. No reason was provided for the delay but it is funny that Nvidia chose to...
  14. NEWS: Silent microchip 'fan' has no moving parts

    According to ITnews Australia, however, U.S.-based researchers have developed a new "fan" design that doesn't actually have any moving parts. The design is nicknamed RSD5, and iTnews Australia says...
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    NEWS: Firefox 3 To Be Final By End Of June

    In an interview with Reuters, Mozilla Vice President of Engineering Mike Schroepfer has at last revealed Mozilla's expected time frame for the launch of the final Firefox 3.0 release: late June. A...
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    PC Gaming Alliance Formed

    Some of the top technology companies, including Intel, Microsoft, Dell, and Advanced Micro Devices joined forces Tuesday to form the PC Gaming Alliance, which will try to promote the PC as a gaming...
  17. NEWS: Intel Delivers Eight-Core Enthusiast Platform

    For those who crave more performance than what four processing cores and a single graphics card can deliver today, Intel has officially introduced the Intel Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform....
  18. NEWS: Alienware m9750 Notebook Tested - SLI, RAID and Gaming on the Go

    PC Perspective take a further look at the Alienware m9750 notebook - a 17inch screen beast that features a dual-core Core 2 Duo processor, SLI graphics and RAID 0 SATA hard drives are the stand outs....
  19. VGA NEWS: AMD quietly trims Radeon HD 3800 series pricing

    After getting partially undercut by Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GT and GeForce 8800 GS graphics cards, AMD's Radeon HD 3870 and 3850 cards are expected to receive further competition from Nvidia tomorrow....
  20. VGA NEWS: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT Launched + 3-Way Shootout

    NVIDIA launched the first release of their next generation GeForce 9 GPU architecture today and this time the company decided to come out with a mainstream, more reasonably priced offering first,...
  21. CPU NEWS: A look at Core 2 Duo Scaling in Gaming

    Neoseeker have published a look at Core 2 Duo Scaling in some recent games. Here's an excerpt:
    To sum up the results of the benchmarks, the speed of our E6700 had almost no affect on the Call of...
  22. INTERNET NEWS: AT&T announces 10Mbps DSL, free Wi-Fi for subscribers

    Communications giant AT&T has struck another blow against cable providers by announcing a new DSL offer that's rated for a maximum speed of 10Mbps. The new service will launch under the AT&T Yahoo!...
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    VGA NEWS: AMD's Radeon HD 3870 X2

    Anandtech, Driver Heaven, HardOCP, HotHardware, Legit Reviews, Overclocker Cafe', Overclockers Club, PC Perspective, techPowerUP! and TechReport have published a review on the ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2....
  24. NEWS: Notebook Makers Look To Have 4GB RAM Next Year

    Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba are planning to introduce notebooks which come standard with 4GB of memory next year. According to the report, this is being done in an attempt to boost the DRAM...
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    Universe At War: Earth Assault Soundtrack

    - Petroglyph Games has released the soundtrack to their recent sci-fi RTS game Universe at War: Earth Assault.
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