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  1. Just a comment

    Hey Noo Noo
    I found what it is.
    In Internet Options>Security tab>Trusted Sites
    I had to add the website that handles our accts. I did that and it worked. Now every computer can open the hyperlink...
  2. Yup

    I am going to have to talk to the guys in our website.Thanks Noo Noo
  3. Windows 2k uses IE6, all others IE7. But I just...

    Windows 2k uses IE6, all others IE7. But I just learned something a few minutes ago. The one machine that can go straight to the .aspx file in the website when I click the hyperlink in Excel, opens...
  4. How to open a hyperlink into an existing IE

    Hello every one!
    I hope I am at the right forum asking the right question in the right way. I did search for answers but some how i must be missing the right tags or something. Anywho.
    I work with...
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