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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Windows 98 upgrade

    I was having a problem with Windows 95, but I managed to solve the problem by removing some files in Windows 95, but when I upgraded to Windows 98 the problem came back. My problem was with the Universal Serial Bus (USB). I was getting a fatal exception error, after closing Novell's Groupwise 5.2, but I found an article in Microsoft's site that suggested me to uninstall the USB software, which I did and that solved my problem. But since I upgraded from Win95 to 98 the problem came back. Now I'm trying to uninstall the USB software, but the utility that I used under windows 95 doesn't work under windows 98. So how can I unistall this drivers. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Try disabling the device in hardware manager (System in control panel). Choose the USB device and check the box next to disable this hardware.

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    I've tried that, but it makes no difference.

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    Kevin The Tech Dude
    Howdy, Have you tried disabling the USB support in your BIOS?


    Kevin The Tech Dude.


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