[RESOLVED] Windows 98 freeze ups
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Windows 98 freeze ups

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    Aaron T

    Resolved [RESOLVED] Windows 98 freeze ups

    I just purchased a new P2-400 system and am having a very strange problem with win98. Seems if the computer has been shut off for a long time it will always freeze just as the windows 98 desktop is coming up. It totally freezes, nothing short of a reset will free it up. Most of the time then on the second restart it will be fine and will start fine everytime then. But if it's left off overnight or a few hours it will then again lock up in the same way. Any ideas?

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    Darren Wilson
    What is the full spec of the system???

    It would help more if you could give more info including driver revisions & bios Revicsion & settings.

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    You said this was a new system? First thing that I would try, if you haven't put much on it, is format out the HDD, and reload everything.

    With the info you've given so far, it could be a ton of things, but on a hunch, I might point the finger at your shell, explorer.exe and try reinstalling Windows.


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