[RESOLVED] Migrating From Windows 9x to Windows NT.. Can't Find Driver...
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Migrating From Windows 9x to Windows NT.. Can't Find Driver...

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Migrating From Windows 9x to Windows NT.. Can't Find Driver...

    My question is a troubling one. My parents purchased a SONY VAIO PCV-90 computer about 2 - 3 years ago. Ancient by today's computer standards. It is a 200 MHz Pentium, 32 MB EDO RAM, 2.6 GB Hard Drive. I have plenty of space to convert their computer to Windows NT. There are three problems. I need drivers for all the components. ATI has a driver for the video which NT supported anyway (ATI Mach 64 Driver). Yamaha has a driver for their sound card (OPL-3SA). Most other drivers for the SRS sound and all those other things work fine.

    My problem child is the modem. The Sony PCV-70 through PCV-120 used an Intel 28.8 or 33.6 DSVD modem. The driver creates two COM ports to simulatte the dual capabilities. The problem is that Intel does not have the drivers listed on their website. Sony on their website has stated that they will not provide support or drivers for Windows NT on these systems. I have Microsoft Visual C++ and could consievably create a driver. I also have found a tool from KRFTech (http://www.hrftech.com) called WinDriver which could supposedly help since I have never done this before. What do you think is the best way to proceed? I would like to get Windows NT to work properly for the security and stability of the system (I currently have to do a reinstall of all OS and Programs at least once a year), but If I can't get at least all the devices to work, I will have to stick with Windows 98 (What I currently run now).

    The other issue is my other games such as X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Rebel Assult, Dark Forces, Diablo, Sim(City, City 2000, Tower, Copter, etc.), MechWarior, etc. (Yes I am a big Star Wars Fan...) What would I need to do to make them work with Windows NT? It is not as important of an issue as the Modem, but it would be nice to achieve total abilities like with my Win9x computer. Does Windows 2000 have the capabilities to run these older games? I do plan on upgrading when it does come out.

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    My recommendation to you since you plan on upgradeing to Win 2000 is to wait for 2 months before doing the upgrade. you will need to get the full version of 2000 but you would have a better chance of everything working then.

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    Win 2000 will run very slowly on 32Mb!!! even on 64Mb it is slow. I reconmend at least 96Mb.

    Have a look at the following site for upto date games compatability for NT4 and win2000:


    Rob Walker

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    DEMANDO 2000


    These days you can get a serviceable v.90 modem for next to nothing. What is your time worth to you per hour? To get 28.8 speed? I think you could easily justify the expense of an upgrade. I wouldn't waste any further time on it. I would assume that it is an ISA device in any case, time to start getting away from ISA.

    As far as games, your best bet is to stick with FAT and set up a dual boot. Refer to the doc below.


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