[RESOLVED] Hooking up a case speaker with interesting results
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Hooking up a case speaker with interesting results

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    Unhappy Hooking up a case speaker with interesting results

    Had a user drop off his machine yesterday with problems with both the power supply and the motherboard. He had someone already look at it and they had told him that the power supply was defective and he would most likely need a replacement as well as a new motherboard. I tested out the board with a new powersupply we had in stock and indeed it was dead. I put a new power supply and motherboard in and tested it with the basic stuff attached and it booted fine. I then attached the rest of the case plugins (reset, case speakers etc)

    Smoke then billowed out of the brand new powersupply!! I rushed and unplugged that in a hurry!! I was in shock, it was all simply routine until that point. I inspected the system and the case speaker wire was severly melted. It was an Asus mb and the speaker wire pluged in to the same slot that I've always put them in, nothing strange about that, it was plugged in properly.

    Another powersupply later, with no case speaker now attached it runs as though nothing happened.

    Could a defective speaker even do that? It was different than most of the case speakers i've seen, almost half the size of a regular one and really cheap looking.

    <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> I'm just stuck thinking, what just happened there. Has something ever happen to any of you like this? It was definatly an interesting way to start my morning...Yikes

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    Grab a multimeter, set it to resistance and connect it across the speaker connections. If it reads less then 4 Ohms, it's a dodgy speaker.
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    I have had a PC speaker cause a computer to not boot. It would start but died during the post.
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    If it's a metal framed speaker like most, it could have a short to frame (like the voice coil scraping on the magnet). Then if the m/b takes the earthy speaker line to a supply voltage rather than frame (not a good design principle) then presto, shorted supply rail.


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