[RESOLVED] abit kt7a raid... (raid)bios vs. fdisk
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Thread: [RESOLVED] abit kt7a raid... (raid)bios vs. fdisk

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    Question abit kt7a raid... (raid)bios vs. fdisk


    We got this here system...
    abit kt7a w/ raid
    2 60 Gb ibm deskstars
    set up in raid bios as raid 0
    raid bios sees 120 Gb drive
    BUT--- FDISK will only recognize up to 51 Gb and wont see the full 120.
    YET--- FDISK WILL see the full 60Gb when the drives are hooked up to the ata100 controller.

    Seems like the raid controller is keeping FDISK from properly interpreting the drives...(?)

    Also (sigh) abit site is showing me no love today with BIOS updates...

    Anyone ever set one of these up? Whahaaaat is going on here?

    Again, thank you all, from the very bottom of my heart, for any and all advice which you might be able to provide.

    Don't let the Muggles get you down...

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    Darren Wilson


    Try here http://go.to/kt7faq

    The comprehensive guide to KT7 series of boards.

    Darren Wilson
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    Darren you are the MAN, dude!

    Worked like nobody's business.

    Don't let the Muggles get you down...


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