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Thread: [RESOLVED] IDSL Gaming VS. Cable Gaming :-O

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    Exclamation IDSL Gaming VS. Cable Gaming :-O

    I just signed up for IDSL 144k up/down. Spending 50mo. and have a 2 year contract. I was wandering with all you cable lovers out there how u can stand to share all that bandwidth with the people on your block. I am an avid gamer and tried to server on a P3 600 with cable and got over 600ping for 8 people on the server. (Yucky) Did the same witha 384k up/down ADSL conecction and got less than 200 ping for 16 ppl. Hmmm now that this has been solved why u all getting cable?? Just want AT&T to end up bein split lick mickeysoft? Anyway leave ur responses, I'd like to hear ur 2Cents!


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    Not necessarily a question of "loving" cable to connect. Availability and overall costs, performance etc. I dislike my cable service provider BUT it is the least of the evils at the moment! Sounds as if we're discussing about politicians. Scary...

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    Yeah well Y2K is nuts anywho politics wait one year please! I just like DSL more that's all


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    Consider yourselves lucky fellas.
    I live in an apartment complex and they have a contract with a <crappy> cable provider. This provider has a lock on the place for 3 yrs. No ATT, no DSL, just good old 56k dialup.

    At least you have a choice!

    BTW, I we have tried to get cable or anything else but they just say "sorry, no can do."

    I'm considering burning the place to hell. And I WONT be living here next yr. Will be somewhere with bandwidth. Dammit

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    gotta agree with shinma on this one. Cable or DSL performance difference here is not too different but DSL isn't out all over my town like cable is and it's a good $30 more than cable. I have a completely HATE/REALLY HATE relationship with my cable company but They have the high speed down all over town.
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    I live in Toronto and am very pleased with my cable connection (@home). I have tryed to run a UT server and get the high pings that you describe. DSL is more expencive than cable here (39$ CDN for cable 49$ CDN for DSL) and I thing that cable is more stable from what I have heard.
    The thing that I would like to mention is that I don't think cable is good if you are looking for doing servers for anyting as the cable prviders have an upload cap.
    All internet and game speeds are great for me,(avg. 200K/s dl's) but running a server is out of the question and I never expected to run a server though. Its not really fair on the shared bandwidth.

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    I agree that the asynchronous nature of DSL has its advantages when you want to run a html or ftp server, but where I'm at in Colorado, I opted for a cable modem. The reason for the was bandwidth. I know three users of 256k DSL that can get downloads of up to 60 to 70kbps, but my cable modem gets speeds of 250 to 310 kbps. Also others can download from my machine at 30 to 40kbps.

    I do agree that the downside of cable modems it the sharing factor, but when you start with much higher bandwidth a little sharing isnt too bad.


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