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Thread: [RESOLVED] W2K SP2??

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    Post W2K SP2??

    Hi! Is there anyone out there that might heard some rumors when Service pack 2 will be available for downloading? Plz tell me


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    I don't know precisely, but I hope soon enough! There already is a Pre-SP2 release.

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    it's should be very soon,

    I've already seen the list of bug fixes which is huge...

    the funny thing is that there already fixes that are planned for SP3 !!!


    quite a list

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    MS has stated it plans on releasing SPs every 1/4

    here is whats in SP2

    Q272576 Cannot Add Local Group to ACL When Logged On with a Local Account
    Q259425 Windows 2000 Does Not Set Toshiba Laptop Computers in Power-Saving State
    Q276247 CPU Fan on an IBM ThinkPad Computer May Not Start
    Q258002 Invalid Characters in DNS Queries
    Q264629 Adding a Counter with PdhAddCounter() Causes Access Violation in WMI
    Q272472 RUNAS Command Does Not Work with UPN or Plain User Name
    Q264030 ASP Returns "Include File Not Found" Error Message for Included Files on the UNC Connection
    Q266704 Computer May Hang When Hot-Swapping UDMA IDE Devices
    Q271644 Cannot Convert FAT32 to NTFS with IDE Drive Larger Than 20 GB
    Q260233 Support for ATA 100 (Mode 5) in Windows 2000
    Q267874 Adobe Font Driver Causes Text Damage with Multiple Master Fonts
    Q263820 Phone Dialer Does Not Display Windows NT 4.0 Local and Domain User List
    Q267866 Buffer Overflow in Network Monitor May Cause Vulnerability
    Q263995 Access Violation Viewing Brother Printer Properties in German Windows 2000
    Q268546 Cacls.exe Orders ACEs Incorrectly When Granting Rights
    Q273854 Denial of Service Can Occur with Microsoft NetMeeting
    Q255973 BUG: Exporting Application Proxy in COM+ Gives Export Application Error
    Q263720 Macintosh Client Cannot Submit Certificate Re Quest with Netscape Browser
    Q271914 ATM Virtual Adapter Does Not Appear in Terminal Services Configuration Tool
    Q275704 Cluster Disks May Be Incorrectly Accessible from All Nodes
    Q264824 Cmd.exe Generates an Access Violation Error Message When it Runs Batch Files with File Redirection
    Q264628 Inetinfo May Generate Access Violation or Heap Check Debug Break Point During Shutdown
    Q262999 FIX: Queued Components on an MSMQ Dependent Client May Cause Application Event Log Error
    Q265367 FIX: IComActivityEvents::OnActivityCreate and IComActivityEvents::OnActivityDestroy Notifications Not Sent
    Q265363 FIX: Extra IComInstanceEvents::OnObjectCreate Notifications Are Sent
    Q265370 FIX: Process ID of COM+ System Application Not Returned by the IMtsGrp Interface
    Q275157 FIX: Access Violation When You Activate a Pooled COM+ Component
    Q262137 Client Connection Manager for Terminal Services Causes Access Violation in Explorer.exe
    Q261655 Cannot Make an SSL Connection After Exporting and Importing an SSL Certificate
    Q269443 Invoking File/Folder Shortcut Menu Disconnects InterDrive Share
    Q258702 Non-Administrator Users Cannot Change System Font Size
    Q269733 Memory Leak in Dfssvc.exe
    Q265365 FRS Creates Unneeded Folders in DFS Root Alternates
    Q263550 Dynamic DNS Update Option Sent to DHCP Server Even If Disabled Globally
    Q269879 The Default DHCP Gateway Is Not Added to the Routing Table on a Multi-homed Computer
    Q269553 DHCP Server May Offer a Zero-Length Lease Time If Conflict Detection Is Activated
    Q259545 Windows 2000 Starts Slowly After Modifying SMART Drive Parameters
    Q276409 Hotfix from Q259545 causes "Stop 0x0000000A" Error Message in Disk.sys File
    Q266221 Bugcheck 0x000000D1 Caused by Dlc.sys
    Q260186 SendPort DNS Registry Key Does Not Work as Expected
    Q257828 Cannot Clear the Cache on a DNS Server
    Q259930 Cannot Start Windows 2000 with a Large Number of DNS Zones
    Q272089 Zone Transfer Information Lost With Windows 2000 Active-Directory Integrated DNS
    Q277932 DNS Performance Counters Do Not Show Values When Collected from a Terminal Services Session
    Q259887 RRType HINFO or ISDN Are Not Added When You Use the Dnscmd.exe Tool
    Q268082 DNS SOA Record May Reveal Administrator Account Name
    Q266082 Trust Does Not Work Between Windows 2000 and MIT Kerberos
    Q264510 Rollup of Fixes for File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW) Version 5.0
    Q268589 Find Printers Dialog Box Does Not Return Correct Results
    Q265003 Windows 2000 Overwrites or Damages an OS/2 Boot Manager Partition
    Q269285 FTP Server Fails to Open Data Connection
    Q269399 Random Access Violations in Programs with Third-Party Fonts
    Q263179 "Run Only Allowed Applications" List in Organizational Unit GPO Becomes Corrupted
    Q269822 Caller ID and Called ID Do Not Display Correctly with TAPI 3.0
    Q259169 Some Toshiba Utilities May Not Work Correctly After Suspending Computer
    Q263077 Arrow Keys Do Not Work in Windows 2000 HyperTerminal with VT100 Emulation
    Q262798 PS/2 Keyboard Is Not Recognized When Plugged into a Running Computer
    Q269013 Non-Administrative User Cannot Access Removable Media After NTFS Format
    Q267831 Event ID 2003 Warning Message Logged When Loading Performance Counters
    Q275537 Certificate Object GetMapping Call Fails When Index Is Greater than 9
    Q251063 Password Change Notification Incorrectly Notifies Accounts with No Password Expiration
    Q271067 Client Computer with High Connect Rate Opens Many Sockets
    Q268773 NAT Does Not Properly Forward ICMP "Destination Unreadable" Packet That Is Generated on the NAT Server
    Q272173 The Microsoft Windows 2000 Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module Has Received the FIPS 140-1 Status
    Q262286 Windows 2000 Direct and Indirect Printing over Infrared Port May Not Work
    Q264078 Preventing ISA Plug and Play Device from Using 0x279
    Q260069 Malformed HTR Re Quest Returns Source Code for ASP Scripting Files
    Q267560 Changing the URL in a Specific Manner May Expose Contents of a File
    Q267559 GET on HTR File Can Cause a "Denial of Service" or Enable Directory Browsing
    Q275657 IIS 5.0 Fix for Cross-Site Scripting Issues
    Q267556 Auditing Does Not Report Security Event for Resetting Password on Domain Controller
    Q272473 AvoidPdcOnWan Registry Value Does Not Work
    Q263693 Group Policy May Not Be Applied to Users Belonging to Many Groups
    Q266783 Terminal Services Server Switches to Install Mode for Users When Running RunOnce Entries
    Q269523 Service Control Manager Named Pipe Impersonation Vulnerability
    Q264510 Rollup of Fixes for File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW) Version 5.0
    Q269349 Terminal Services License Server Status Appears as UNKNOWN
    Q266132 Windows 2000 Hangs at "Preparing Network Connections" Screen on Multiple-Processor Computers
    Q266684 "Access Denied" After Unlocking Workstation When Network Is Disconnected
    Q264862 XADM: No Certificate Revocation List Distribution Points Extension in X.509 V3 Certificate
    Q271907 Error SC_E_LOGON_DENIED After a Reset of Local Machine Account Password
    Q263643 Using Virtual COM Port Dials Modem as Pulse Only
    Q266647 Drive Letters Automatically Assigned to Unrecognizable Partitions
    Q266655 Registry Handles Leaked in Winlogon When Canceling Drive Reconnect Dialog Box
    Q263549 Creating Hard Links on Remote Computers with BackupWrite() May Cause "Access Denied" Error Message
    Q262386 Non-Paged Pool Memory Leak on Master Browser
    Q269188 WINS Client Workstation [00h] Entry Remains Active on WINS Server After Client Shutdown
    Q259698 Windows 2000 Cannot Connect to Windows NT 4.0 Server with SMB Signing Enabled
    Q247757 FIX: Connection Leak with WFC ADO COM Components in MTS
    Q263823 WinSock Recvfrom() Now Returns WSAECONNRESET Instead of Blocking or Timing Out
    Q254500 Screen Saver Does Not Run If the Console Is Locked
    Q263743 RasDisable and RasForce WinLogon Policies Can Be Bypassed
    Q271977 Terminal Services Session Displays Shutdown Button When Group Policy Is Enabled
    Q274190 Logon Banner Can Be Dismissed Without User Action
    Q263464 "NET SEND" to Windows 2000-Based Computer May Not Succeed
    Q273735 INFO: Fix List for the Microsoft Virtual Machine Build 3316 and Associated Windows 2000 SP1 Hot-fix
    Q264082 SNA Client or DLS Cannot Connect as Guest User on Windows 2000
    Q274372 Patch Released for "Domain Account Lockout" Vulnerability
    Q266066 BUG: Windows 2000 Services Cannot Access Some Network Resources
    Q264820 GetHostByName() Does Not Resolve Computer Name with an IP Address of
    Q267912 NetBIOS Listen Does Not Work If Calling Name Is Set to Anything Other Than "*"
    Q269239 NetBIOS Vulnerability May Cause Duplicate Name on the Network Conflicts
    Q269119 Logging on to a Domain Does Not Work From a Windows 2000-Based RAS Client
    Q262688 Static IP Address Is Not Retained During Windows 2000 Unattended Installation
    Q262289 Invalid DNS Records Are Not Removed
    Q263821 Account Lockout Because BadPasswordCount Not Reset to 0
    Q265395 Windows 2000 Member Runs Discovery Every 15 Minutes with Possible High Dial-on-Demand Line Costs
    Q272190 Access Violation in Lsass.exe Program When You Enable Netlogon Logging
    Q267845 Event ID 5773 Logged Even If UseDynamicDns Is Set to 0
    Q272348 Windows 2000 Host Always Authenticates with the PDC If a Member of a Windows NT 4.0 Domain
    Q260231 Windows 2000 Professional Cannot Join Windows NT 4.0 Domain with Third-Party DNS Server
    Q272065 Bad Password Attempts Are Repeatedly Forwarded from Domain Controllers to the PDC Operations Master
    Q267574 Scheduled Backups Fail on Standalone Tape Drives After Changing Media
    Q271182 Program Hangs Because of Deadlock in Ntdll.dll
    Q257357 Performance Degradation When Heap Is Fragmented ntdll.dll
    Q264540 Global Catalog Becomes Stuck in Infinite Loop If There Is a Phantom Rename Collision During Promotion
    Q267887 Internal Error Running Dcpromo.exe
    Q269135 Lsass.exe Causes an Access Violation
    Q272990 Dial-on-Demand Connection Is Dialed When the Domain Controller Is Shut Down
    Q279093 Lsass.exe Causes an Access Violation on a Domain Controller
    Q268896 Windows 95/Windows 98 Cannot List Users in Windows 2000 Domain
    Q266657 Windows 2000 Directory Service Agent Fails to Maintain Exclusive Control of Port 389
    Q272682 NTFS Enhancements for Services for UNIX
    Q266749 New File Created with CreateFileMapping() Returns ERROR_LOCK_VIOLATION
    Q270610 Message Box Using MB_SERVICE_NOTIFICATION May Not Exit the Process
    Q265509 Ntldr Cannot Load Fragmented System Hive
    Q263627 Computer May Hang with Object Auditing Enabled
    Q266433 Patch for Numerous Vulnerabilities in the LPC Port System Calls
    Q263627 Computer May Hang with Object Auditing Enabled
    Q258872 Error Code 1350 Applying SetFileSecurity() to COMx
    Q260241 Registry Quota Leak In Windows 2000
    Q276504 "Stop 0x0A" Error Message When You Eject a CD with Norton Anti-Virus 7 Installed
    Q266762 Error Message: STOP 0x00000050 0xe2000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000002
    Q271717 IBM ThinkPad Laptop CPI Fan Does Not Turn on After Computer Switches from Passive Mode to Active Mode
    Q265069 Ntoskrnl and NTFS Performance Changes for Services for UNIX
    Q263926 16-Bit MS-DOS-Based Programs Cannot Change Label with CreateNewFile() Function
    Q257551 GSNW/CSNW NetWare Banner Page missing Username
    Q269867 CSNW/GSNW Add Printer Wizard Does Not Display Large Number of NDS Print
    Q271177 FIX: Unable To Repair Password Protected Database Through ODBC Control Panel
    Q247289 Office IFilter Does Not Index Complex Documents Correctly
    Q260055 OHCI1394 Driver May Cause a Memory Leak During Asynchronous Write Operation
    Q262814 IEEE 1394 OHCI Driver Does Not Retry Busy Devices Properly
    Q268347 Connectivity Problem with IEEE 1394 OHCI Host Controllers
    Q272155 Connectivity Problems Using VIA 1394 PCI Host Controllers
    Q259885 Wang Image Edit Control May Not Work During Copy and Paste Operation
    Q268612 On-Screen Keyboard Slash Key Mapping Does Not Work with Non-U.S. Keyboard Layout
    Q263943 Two Drivers Acquire Resources for the Same PCI Device Using HalAssignSlotResources()
    Q274015 Computer Hangs During Startup with a PC Card Modem on a Japanese Model Toshiba Portege34x0
    Q265296 Toshiba PC Card Controller May Power 3.3-Volt R2 PC Card at 5 Volts
    Q272655 PC Card May Not Work When System Resumes From Suspend Mode
    Q262857 Times in System Monitor .tsv and .csv Files Are UTC Times
    Q274853 BUG: PdhExpandWildCardPath() ANSI Version May Fail on Windows 2000
    Q257760 Event Message 3101: Unable to Read IO Control Information from NBT
    Q260834 System Monitor Displays Incorrect Volume Size When Disk Is Mounted But Not Assigned a Drive Letter
    Q263519 Access Violation Attempting to Use Uninitialized Printer from the Desktop
    Q270921 Windows 2000 Quality of Service Packet Scheduler Service Does Not Filter and Flow Forwarded Traffic
    Q270923 Windows 2000 QoS Packet Scheduler Sends Packets with Wrong Checksum on Network Adapters That enable Hardware Checksum
    Q261276 Parallel Direct Cable Connection Drops Shortly After Connecting
    Q272763 Index Server Timeout Is Not Reported When You Execute a Query over Multiple Catalogs
    Q265248 The Routing and Remote Access Service Incorrectly Logs Client Termination As an Admin Reset
    Q269012 Resetting SACL Tree May Disable Inheritance
    Q265017 Gethostbyaddr() May Return Node Name Instead of Virtual Name
    Q268229 Deadlock When APC Routine for SetWaitableTimeruser Calls System Interfaces
    Q272303 RPC Server Service Stops Responding
    Q263607 New Activations of Remote COM Server May Not Work If Remote Server Has Been Rebooted
    Q269242 DCOM Bindings Not Updated When Dialing ISP
    Q265357 Roaming Profiles Cannot Create Key Containers
    Q268263 SGC Does Not Work When You Use Keys Longer than 1024 Bits
    Q263207 QoS Program Causes 100 Percent CPU Usage
    Q262539 Memory Leak in Lsass.exe with Large Built-in Groups
    Q265192 Event 12297 Logged on PDC Role Transfer When Domain Controller Is Not the New PDC
    Q267556 Auditing Does Not Report Security Event for Resetting Password on Domain Controller
    Q275698 Reprompted for PIN Accessing Web Folders with Smart Card
    Q272501 FIX: Cannot Bind to WSC That Is Written in XML from HTTP Server
    Q275620 SCSI Port Driver May Cause Your Computer to Hang
    Q269015 Service Does Not Start with "Access Denied" Message When Service Program File Is Located Remotely
    Q274489 Service Recovery Does Not Run Defined Program If the Program Does Not Use the System Account
    Q272734 Scanning System32 for Virus Takes Longer After You Apply Windows 2000
    Q258948 Cmd.exe Shortcut Does Not Have Same "Run as" Behavior as Command Line
    Q265326 Cannot Create File Association for a File That Has No Extension
    Q269033 Wallpaper Reverts to Last Bitmap After Daylight Saving Time Ends
    Q270037 Policy Restrictions on Drives Cause Unnecessary Error Message at Logon and in File Dialog Box
    Q264061 Home Folder Is Searched First When You Try to Run a Program
    Q275193 SisCreateRestoreStructure and SisFreeRestoreStructure Has Mismatched Alloc/Dealloc
    Q266794 Windows 2000 SNMP Registry Entries Are Saved in Plain Text Format and Are Readable
    Q263006 Logon Time Restrictions Prevent Users on Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 from Remotely Accessing Windows 2000 Resources
    Q271148 MaxMpxCt and MaxCmds Limits in Windows 2000
    Q267868 Renaming CD-ROM Drive Creates Admin$ Share to Which Everyone Has Full Permission
    Q272772 Event ID 2022 When Client Computers Experience Delays or Errors
    Q278011 Legacy-Free Computers Take Longer to Install Windows 2000
    Q272736 Windows 2000 Still Image Service Exposes User Elevation Vulnerability
    Q269555 Device Manager Lists ATA-100 Device Incorrectly as Using PIO Instead of UDMA
    Q265401 Su.exe Generates Error Code 1780 ("A Null Reference Pointer Was Passed to the Stub")
    Q257489 No Domains Listed in "Copy to" Dialog Box for Profiles
    Q271075 Spanish Windows 2000 May Show Some Misaligned OEM Information in System Properties
    Q268151 Average Disk Transfer Counters That Are Saved in Perfmon4.exe Log File and Do Not Show Data in System Monitor
    Q260319 Sysprep "-pnp" Switch May Not Install Non-Native Signed Drivers
    Q275206 User Must Click 'Finish' to Reboot the Computer When Unattended Installation Is Complete
    Q262290 Deadlock in TAPI Service If the Provider Is Not Re-entrant
    Q258100 Performance Problems May Occur If a Process Uses the Same Endpoint for Both TCP and UDP
    Q262479 Tcpip.sys Does Not Free Broadcast Packets That the TCP/IP Traffic Filter Driver Does Not Want
    Q271708 Host May Send Packet with an Incorrect TCP Checksum
    Q272743 HTML E-mail Link Transmits User Name and Password to Unauthorized Server
    Q256843 Access Violation May Occur in Termsrv.exe When You Are Using Time-Outs
    Q267843 Windows 2000 Telnet Server Stops Responding After Binary Input
    Q271912 Cannot Lock Volume Because of Handle Leak in Link Tracking Service
    Q264651 Kernel Objects May Not Be Shared Across Terminal Services Sessions
    Q268094 Windows 2000 Cannot Read CD-R Discs Created with DirectCD
    Q261643 USB Devices Missing in Device Manager After Computer Resumes from Hibernation
    Q262463 Find.exe Returns Extra Lines When Piped
    Q162616 Extra Form Feed with Passthrough Functions to Text Only Driver
    Q270842 Your Computer May Hang if You Install Service Pack 1 After Installing Windows 2000 High Encryption Pack
    Q271935 Windows 2000 SP1 May Cause Some Menus to Revert to English When Applied on Non-English MUI Configuration
    Q222043 Roaming Profile Folders Do Not Allow Administrative Access
    Q273473 Read-Only Files Cause Roaming Profile Update to NetWare Server Not to Work
    Q269049 Registry-Invoked Programs Use Standard Search Path
    Q272502 FIX: VBS FormatCurrency() with Negative Value Asserts on Some Locales
    Q272504 FIX: VBScript GetObject() Fails to Return Rich Error Information
    Q261601 Video Does Not Work After Resuming from Hibernation
    Q261606 Video Hangs When Running 3D Graphics Programs
    Q253246 Hewlett-Packard T-10 Server Hangs on Boot
    Q257187 RPC Error Messages Returned for Active Directory Replication When Time Is Out of Synchronization
    Q264908 Error Message: HTTP 403.15 - Forbidden: Client Access Licenses Exceeded
    Q269862 Patch Released for Canonicalization Error Issue
    Q271456 IIS 4.0 Causes Heap Corruption in CGI Application
    Q277873 Patch Available for "Web Server File Re Quest Parsing" Vulnerability
    Q266247 Special Function Keys May Not Work on Dell Laptop Computers
    Q278499 Update Available for Indexing Service Vulnerability
    Q265253 Pointer May Not Be Visible if an OpenGL Program Has Data in the Overlay Planes
    Q269593 "Stop 0x0000001e" in Win32k.sys When You Quit a Program
    Q274524 Multiple Master Fonts Are Not Printed Remotely to PCL Printers
    Q270676 Users Might Gain Full Control of a System via the "Simplified Chinese IME State Recognition" Vulnerability
    Q268236 Non-Administrator Cannot Gain Access to Removable Media
    Q214488 Registry Flag fUseDefaultGina Does Not Work
    Q268236 Non-Administrator Cannot Gain Access to Removable Media
    Q275506 Access to the Desktop Is Granted Before Logon Scripts Complete
    Q268881 WMI Event 43 Generated After Changing System Default Locale
    Q276278 OemPNPDriversPath Value Limited to 99 Characters in Winnt.exe
    Q273632 Access Violation in win32k!DesktopAlloc with Null Heap Pointer
    Q263749 There Are No Extended Characters When You Use an MS-DOS-Based Program in a Terminal Services Session
    Q266375 Network Load Balancing WMI Provider Memory Leak
    Q258811 BUG: Windows 2000 LDAP API Cannot Bind to LDAP Servers
    Q259739 ADsOpenObject("LDAP://RootDSE", ....) Call Generates Incorrect DNS Queries on the Network
    Q272388 Users Are Not Enrolled in Parent Domain If KMS Is on Child Domain Controller
    Q265087 Smart Card Certificate Propagation May Delay the Log Off Procedure
    Q262739 Can't Administer IIS by Using ADSI on Window NT 4.0 IIS 4.0 from Windows 2000 IIS 5.0 and Vice Versa
    Q259760 Compression Is Not Enabled on POST Request
    Q258811 BUG: Windows 2000 LDAP API Cannot Bind to LDAP Servers
    Q259169 Some Toshiba Utilities May Not Work Correctly After Suspending Computer
    Q251007 Some Cluster Disks Are Not Available After Installing SP6
    Q258281 Small SCSI Disk May Seem to Have Zero Cylinders in Windows 2000
    Q264573 IIS 5.0 May Cause an Access Violation in W3svc.dll When You Use DAV
    Q258101 Dcpromo Does Not Allow All-Numeric Label in a Domain Name
    Q259545 Windows 2000 Starts Slowly After Modifying SMART Drive Parameters
    Q259144 Computer May Hang After Using Sysprep on ACPI-Enabled Computer
    Q260233 Support for ATA 100 (Mode 5 ) in Windows 2000
    Q260353 FIX: Use of Java/COM Components in COM+ Enabled Systems Can Cause Delays
    Q263603 Incorrect Behavior in Winlogon for First-Time User with "Must Change Password on First Logon" Setting
    Q265376 FIX: Access Violation Calling CoCreateInstance()
    Q265379 FIX: Memory Leak When Calling Between Configured Components
    Q265386 FIX: COM+ Application Proxy Export Includes System Dynamic-Link Library (DLL)
    Q265377 FIX: COM+ Transient Subscription Not Found in TransientSubscription Collection
    Q264442 FIX: ADO Recordset Loses Filter Property When Marshalled In-Proc
    Q264716 Network Monitor Incorrectly Filters MAC Address
    Q265379 FIX: Memory Leak When Calling Between Configured Components
    Q264794 "Stop" Error Message with Firewall or Similar Software Installed on a Windows 2000-Based Computer
    Q264600 Access Violation in Lsass.exe When Using Security Packages
    Q254133 FIX: Major Version of Type Library Causes Export Application Proxy to Fail
    Q264795 BUG: _MBCS String Functions of the MSVCRT.DLL file (version 6.1.8637.0) Is Slower than Earlier Versions
    Q265419 Terminal Services Server Does Not Restart with Restart Command from a Client Session
    Q270710 The Recvfrom Function Writes Incorrect Data into the Sin_Zero Field
    Q268144 '%' Wildcard Operator No Longer Works in Access Multiselect Query with Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 1
    Q269476 FIX: COM+ Dispenser Manager Doesn't Close Pooled Resources
    Q269835 FPSE: Windows-Based Fixes for Server Extensions SR1.2
    Q232538 Unsuccessful Replication Without Partner Listed
    Q268969 "LDAP UDP Operations Per Second" Counter Always Returns Zero
    Q269680 Heap Corruption with Administrator-Defined CSC Path Using Logical Drive
    Q269629 Regedt32.exe Truncates REG_MULTI_SZ Entries Longer Than 1,024 Characters
    Q270588 Remote Desktop Protocol Clients Cannot Connect to Terminal Services Server
    Q270603 Deadlock When tdidisconnect() Is Called Recursively from Tcpclose()
    Q271976 Hotfix Rollup Package Corrects Problems Described in Q257357 and Q271907
    Q260347 IIS 4: Fix for Cross-Site Scripting Issues
    Q272655 PC Card May Not Work When System Resumes From Suspend Mode
    Q247757 FIX: Connection Leak with WFC ADO COM Components in MTS
    Q264442 FIX: ADO Recordset Loses Filter Property When Marshalled In-Proc
    Q273772 FIX: Memory Leak in Jet ODBC Driver with SQL_NUMERIC or SQL_C_BINARY Data
    Q274294 FPSE2000: "Confirm Save. A More Recent Version of the Has Been Saved" Error Message When You Try to Save File in Web
    Q271461 FIX: "Method 'Recordset' of object 'IAdodc' Failed" Error Message with ADO Data Control
    Q274261 HyperTerminal Buffer History May Appear Corrupted
    Q272373 FIX: Access Violation Occurs When Closing ADO Recordset In Multithreaded Application
    Q278511 Patch Available for ActiveX Parameter Validation Vulnerability
    Q275552 Token Ring SRB Network May Have Slow Data-Transfer Rate
    Q261643 USB Devices Missing in Device Manager After Computer Resumes from Hibernation
    Q275925 Error Message "Stop 0x0000007F" While Retrieving Data from the Clipboard

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