[RESOLVED] Need Help - virus killed he hard drive!
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Need Help - virus killed he hard drive!

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    I have a Toshiba Satellite 2545XCDT laptop that got nailed by an unknown virus. It basically deleted the hard drive partition tables, the hard drive ID table, everything that helps the computer recognise the drive. When booting it, I get an "ERROR-IDE 0" message, and then it just sits there like a rock. I tried re-installing windows with the restoration CD, but after selecting a reformat and re-install, it reboots and starts the restoration CD process all over again. I tried changing the boot sequence to every option in the BIOS (floppy, CD, HD switched around), but no luck. My last resort is going to try to load a copy of the Norton 2002 Rescue Disks from the floppy to try to eradicate whatever might still be on there to allow me to get the CD to load the OS. Anyone have any other ideas as to what I can do to get the drive re-installed?? I am desperate at this stage, as I can't afford to pay Toshiba $400 for a new hard drive. Thanks in advance...

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    Did you try fdisking the drive? I've heard that some viruses can remain even after a drive's been formatted, so you have to repartition to blow it away. If that doesn't help, you could always spend the time on a LLF. Just my two pennies worth!
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    Kick that thing to the curb and buy a dell. Or you can goto <a href="http://www.grisoft.com" target="_blank">www.grisoft.com</a> and make a restore disk to get rid of any resident virus on your box )
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    Is Bios detecting the HD? If not, there's not too much you can do other than getting a new HD or new Laptop. If you have another Laptop around and can get your current HD to fit into it, you may need to do a lowlevel format or a simple FDisk. I need more info though.


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