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    Question Office 97 not installing

    OK, here's the story. Place I work for recently upgraded everyone in the building from 97 to 2000, except for one department, who was having some problems with Access databases not converting. We had 2000 on at one point, but rolled back to 97 for them.

    Today, I get a call from one of the ladies, she's got an Access problem (running from network), and I try a re-install. No luck. Thinking it might have something to do with the network copy, I try installing locally, and here's where the real fun begins. The install goes through normally, but Word, Excel, and Powerpoint won't run. Complains about missing MSO97.dll. I copy the file from the network and put it in /windows/system, but now it's "Not enough memory to run application".

    I went so far as to uninstall Office97 using uninstaller, running Norton Windoctor to remove any loose registry references to Office 97, and deleting the /programfiles/Office directory. Then I reran Office install, picked a different install directory than what was used before (/offic97): same problem.

    Why the ?*&@$ aren't these DLL's getting copied over and registered properly? Any help greatly appreciated.
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    What OS does she have? This may kinda odd, but when is the last time the machine was defragmented?? When installing and uninstalling a program like that, cleaning up and keeping everyhting in order helps things at least run smoother. Also, is the disk you used corrupted or damaged??

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    MicroSoft Office 2000

    I have Microsoft Office 2000 and now the first of the four cd's will not install at all. Not sure why but I had to format my pc and when I went to put it back on it would not install.


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    Did you get any error messages? What windows version are you using? Are the updates/service packs all installed for windows?
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