formatting a laptop hard drive-trying anyway! 12gig
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Thread: formatting a laptop hard drive-trying anyway! 12gig

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    Exclamation formatting a laptop hard drive-trying anyway! 12gig

    The new thing now is when I boot up with the start up disk, the message reads missing operating system. That is it. I can't even get to the a promt. Any thoughts???

    I just put a 12 gig hard drive into a Toshiba Satellite 2505c. It is a IBM hard drive. I booted the computer with a win 98 start up disk. I was able to fdisk BUT when I go to format drive c, it won't let me. It says that that is not supported on drive c. Is there something different for a laptop other than
    format c: ?????
    Please help!!

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    all i can think of is check the partition, make sure it is primary DOS, ect.

    Other than that i have no clue, i have never heard of that problem befor.

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    well first when you go into fdisk check to make sure its a primary dos partition and its set active. then when you format type 'format /s c:' to transfer the system files. if your still having problems, try a different 98 boot disk.
    I think the problem is either an ID10T or PEBCAK error


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