Zero Configuration WiFi will be interesting with PPC2003
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Thread: Zero Configuration WiFi will be interesting with PPC2003

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    Talking Zero Configuration WiFi will be interesting with PPC2003

    I have a Dell Axim with DLink 660W
    The new drivers for the DLink card are an improvement.

    With the release of PPC2003 one of the features talked about is the ability of Zero Configuration WiFi. What it seems is that when you enter an area that the PDA picks up as a wireless connection you can quickly connect and be on the network. What makes this interesting is for those who like to "war drive." I was crusing the neighborhoods the other day with my laptop picking up home wireless networks. Just over half I was able to connect and get on their networks. Too bad I could not bounce from one WAP to another and be surfing the Internet while driving.

    This is just something to comment about.

    At least as a minimum, people need to enable WEP!!!

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    *sigh* I was wondering when this would happen.

    It is ILLEGAL to even ASSOCIATE to a wireless network that you do not own or do not have previous permission from the owner of said network.

    I'm just throwing this out there because if somebody decides to get picky *cough* law enforcement *cough* it could turn around and bite you. If your gonna do it don't brag about it. To avoid all confusion: when in doubt, don't.

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