Lexar 256mb JumpDrive non op with WIN ME-- OK with WIN XP
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Thread: Lexar 256mb JumpDrive non op with WIN ME-- OK with WIN XP

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    Lexar 256mb JumpDrive non op with WIN ME-- OK with WIN XP

    [FONT=Arial]My new 256mb Lexar JumpDrive "keyfob" was only $39.74 at Sams Club. I have read about these magic mass storage gizmos and then I met some techs from Best Buy's new "Geek Squad" (now national) who each carry 1Gb storage widgets so they can isolate problems and get their clients up and running quickly.

    Anyway, MY storage device plays normally in my Dell P4-XP but will not play in my rather ancient and homebuilt PC running at a blazing 380MHz with a AMD K6 CPU and running WIN ME. The beast has a USB I/O card in it with several functioning USB peripherals. The plug-n-play feature in the Award BIOS (flashed since 1996) recognizes the new USB device. It even searches for and locates the "best driver" for it and the installation text refers to it as physical Drive I: So far so good. Looking at the Control Panel, System, Device Manager, Universal Serial Bus controllers, the new storage device it is shown and listed as a "USB Mass Storage Device" -- and futher, it proclaims that "This Device is Working Properly". Yea!Yea! It selected the Win driver USBSTOR.INF.
    OK, whats my whine?

    The new memory device does not show up under My Computer so I don't know how to locate it or access it. i.e. there is no "drive I:" listed.

    Needless to say Lexar, although very responsive and courteous, was puzzled.

    Thanks in advance for any wise techs who can shed some light on this phenomena.

    Rev. John
    (ps: I tried "laying of hands" to effect a healing -- without success)

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    Not sure if it can be done on a removable thumb drive, but is it by chance formatted in NTFS? If so then winme will not read it
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