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    Quote Originally Posted by imaeditedbysowulo
    You've got me mislabeled. You could pick any of those wotpp threads and I guarantee you won't find a single post by me.

    My kind cannot be labeled, therefore I can never be exstinct.

    Wasn't talking to you...-1

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    Hello World

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    Did he ever come back
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    Jeez this thread brings back some truly crappy memories.

    Pretty much gave up on all forums after seeing how "friends" turned on each other and how Adept/Stalemate was treated. Pretty much learned not to give anything online any significance and that RL is the only thing that matters. Funny how the old scar still itches.
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    LMFAO! Thanks for the late Friday laugh..
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    Got to love resurrected threads to bring back that sweet nostalgia..sweet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TripleRLtd
    Indeed he is...and, perhaps, rightfully so. Perhaps he could come here and tell what he is feeling, but, it has to do with the issue of "respect". He feels there is a definite lack of respect on the part of many here to others, and feels it is getting worse. So, he is mulling over whether or not he should stay here...whether or not the time spent is worth it to him any longer.
    To tell the truth, I don't like the fact that he feels this way and feel an apology is due him by a few members. Yeah, I know. But, as I recall, almost every member (if not all members) here has felt this way at one time or another. So, before you call him a wimp or me an arse, think back on those times when you felt somewhat the same way and felt like leaving.
    Gersh...all touchy feely and stuff...
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