[RESOLVED] network-related periodic Win98 system freeze
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Thread: [RESOLVED] network-related periodic Win98 system freeze

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    Question network-related periodic Win98 system freeze

    i've got a RealTek 8139 card installed in my PC and am logged onto a microsoft NT network. i'm having a weird and very annoying problem in relation to the network--

    every 15 or 20 minutes, my entire system just freezes for a few seconds, then unfreezes and continues as tho nothing has happened. i know this is network related because when my pc is not logged on and is not trying to log on, this freeze never occurs. i also have determined that the freeze is much more frequent during hours of increased network activity and much less frequent during the early hours of the morning. i suspect that for some reason the network is overwhelming the card and system resources are being redirected to take care of the problem-- thereby causing everything else to be put on hold until the system has processed the network issue.

    this is the most aggravating issue i've ever had with a computer, and i've had to live with it for the last year (since i first built this machine). if anybody can shed ANY light on this issue, i'd be forever indebted to them.


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    sounds like an irq sharing issue, whats sharing with your nic?

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