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Thread: Raid 0 Config - recovery

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    Raid 0 Config - recovery

    I have a machine with a 3ware controller (8506) with 4 - 80gig Serial ATA drives running in Raid 0. I am having trouble with one of the drive I believe. I want to resort to a single IDE 160gig drive. Will I be able to read the data on each of the Serial ATA drives? in a different computer to recover files?
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    this is the inherent problem wiht RAID 0. If a drive packs it in all of your data is lost. If it is still working you have very few options, but it is basicaly the same procedure as seperating the drives from the raid array.

    basiacly what you do is back up all of your data, remove the faulty drive or break the array (done in the RAID controller), and restore from back up to single disk or new array.

    1. make a backup
    2. make a backup
    3 make sure hte back up works!
    4. do i need to say it again?
    5. loacte the faulty disk if present
    5a. replace faulty disk
    6. change RAID array configuration, break the array, or ensure that it reconizes the new disk as a member.
    7. restore from backup to a) the new array, or B) a single disk if it will all fit.

    As to your other questions: the data on the disks can only be read individualy after hte array has been split and the data rewriten to the disks, breaking a RAID 0 array effectivly LOSSES ALL DATA.

    putting the disks in a differnet computer will only work if they are not in RAID mode, or the differnet computer has the excat same RAID controller. Windows may not work in a differnt computer regardless due to the hardware changes...

    for more information refer to Toms Hardware

    Tom suggests that using a software RAID configuration will be more effective as it dosent care what hte hardware is so you can easily move the arry from PC to PC, problem is that i don't belive that you can install the OS on a soft RAID setup.
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