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Thread: Cell Phone Number Lookup?

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    Cell Phone Number Lookup?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a FREE way to do a reverse lookup on cell phone numbers. I have a very good friend of mine that is getting harrassing phone calls every morning around 5 AM. Only happens when her car is in front of her house, so it appears that someone is watching. I did a google search, but nothing is free and I'm not too keen on buying software that I know nothing about, such as Search Detective.

    If nobody knows anything as far as free info, that would be great. If not, does anybody know anything about this Search Detective.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions and have a great day.

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    I am pretty sure that this kind of lookup is not available as of yet. I think your friend needs to call the police.
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    Cell phones are a whole different ball park compared to regular telephones.

    I know here in Canada different regulations apply, like for one, it's illegal to telemarket to a cell phone (unless it's the provider making a no cost to you call) Also with our Personal Privacy laws, it would be illegal for providers to give such information.

    I believe that in the US you have similar laws, like the Wireless Privacy Protection Act, so such lists would be illegal and unethical, if my cell provider gave/sold my cell/name in assocation, i would be canceling my services and calling a lawyer. Additionaly, i could get a pay-go phone under a false name easily (little to no identification required)

    amyb is correct, call the police.
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    You could also try calling the number from a phone other than your own(so they won't see its you) and see who answers.
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    If you make that call at 4 o'clock in the morning and have friends waiting around outside her home, listening for the ringing, you may be able to locate the rat! Just keep calling unitl you do!

    Edit: As you seem to think they can see her car, that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by techs
    You could also try calling the number from a phone other than your own(so they won't see its you) and see who answers.
    This is what bounty hunters do. I was watching a special on National Geographic. They called up this woman who skipped out on her bail and told her that the welfare department made a screw up and that they had a check for her for like $140 or something. So she met them at some town office and they arrested her. It was hilarious. She kept screaming, "But I need that money!" and the bounty hunter said, "Yeah. Your bail bondsman needs the money from the bond you skipped on too."

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