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    Hard Drive Issues

    Well I brought a 160 IDE Western Digital Hard Drive, all seemed to be working until I reformatted the Primary Drive (8 Gig). Then all of a sudden the 160 Gig Hard Drive wouldn't work, fdisk doesnt pick it up so I cant reformat it but the BIOS does pick it up with the correct numbers as Cylinder..... Alright when I connect the drive as a slave with the correct jumper setting and crap it comes up with this in Device Manager:
    (Red Cross) Generic IDE Disk Type 47 - This is a red cross because the following driver ain't working.
    (Yellow Negetive Sign) Primary IDE Controller (Dual Fifo) - Now would this be the driver? Because under this same driver the hard drive has worked previously.

    BTW, I'm running Windows 98SE, 8 Gig Drive as Master, 160 Gig NOT WORKING as Slave, 256 RAM, Geforce 6200, AMD Sempron 2600 and a K8MM-V Motherboard. Yes the two drives are on the same channel. Please someone help me otherwise I'm pretty much screwed.

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    Do you have a floppy drive? Also do you have Western Digital
    DATA LIFEGUARD TOOLS? That should line it out for you.and test your drives.


    You can download DATA LIFEGUARD TOOLS at that site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TupacRulz
    I'm running Windows 98SE
    And welcome to WinDrivers, tupac

    Windows 98 does need some help using a drive larger than 137GB.

    Did you originally set up the drive with software supplied by WD? If you did, a DDO (Dynamic Drive Overlay) may have been installed to allow access to the drive, and this could have been wiped from the drive. Using xpuser's suggestion may restore this if it is the problem.

    Did you install up-to-date chipset drivers for your motherboard after re-loading Windows? Windows' own IDE drivers cannot correctly access drives over 137GB in size, but manufacturer's chipset IDE drivers may overcome this limitation, and again after the re-format will no longer be present unless re-installed.

    Some useful information about using large drives with Win98:


    Note especially the importance of avoiding having a partition larger than 127GB.

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