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    Question Flash Drive USB Compatibility

    I recently purchased a new Dell E510 and want to move files from my old Dell XPS T450 to the E510. I purchased a SanDisk Cruzer Mini USB flash drive for this purpose. The literature that came with the flash drive says it's backward compatible to USB1.1. When I slide the flash drive into a USB slot of the T450 and bring up My Computer, the system sees the SanDisk drive. But when I try to send a file to that drive, it doesn't show up as an option on the Send To menu. I am wondering if I have USB1.0 on the old Dell. When I check the release history of USB I see that 1.1 was released in Sept of 1998. My old Dell was built in May of 1999. So it seems possible, at least, that I have 1.1. Is there some way to check this? When I look at the hardware list for the T450 it says I have an Intel 82371 AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller. Does that indicate the USB level? Also, I thought all USB levels are backward compatible so even if I have 1.0 it should work (however slowly) with the flash drive.

    Is this USB issue the reason I can't save off my old files? If not, what do I need to do move files from the old system to the new one.

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    Welcome to Windrivers BikerBill.

    If you see the drive when you go to My Computer and open it in a window, why not just drag the files that way? It my just not show up in Send To.

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    Adding a send to to a removable device is not generally done, but if you really want one, here is how to do it most people just drag and drop on the disk icon
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    What operating systems are you using on those machines?
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    If you see the Sandisk cruiser in my computer then USB 1.1 makes no difference at all other then its a little slower.
    Moving the files is a matter of copy paste.
    Copy them where they are and then paste them in the Sandisk.
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