USB 2.0 won't recognize external drive
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Thread: USB 2.0 won't recognize external drive

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    [Resolved] USB 2.0 won't recognize external drive

    I bought the wife a 60gb Firelite and it shows on her 1.1 ports but not on her 2.0 ports (Dell Dimension 8200 with NEC USB add-on card).

    Drivers are up-to-date, she runs SP1 and 2, and her USB 2.0 works fine with her IPOD and printers.

    Could this be a power issue? This drive is USB powered (adapter is available but I didn't buy it).


    Resolution: I found the PS2 auxilliary power cable stuck in an envelope with the owner's manual, switched the unit to ext (power), hooked up the new cable and plugged into the USB 2.0 port and instant success.

    Gotta learn to look into everything when I unpack stuff.

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