Smoke is awful
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    Smoke is awful

    It's much worse for the people who are actually in the line of the fires, but tonight even where I live the smoke from bushfires around the state of Victoria is heavy. The back of my throat and my eyes sting, and as sunset approached tonight, the sun was a huge orange blob floating in a smoke soup...

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    It is. A few years back we went up north to visit a holiday area called Barkerville,where the original gold rush started in British Columbia. We were gonna stay a week.
    We knew there were forest fires in the area but not too close.While we were there the wind turned and sent all the smoke right at us. It was terrible. You couldn't breath and coughed all the time. Consequently we left but one thing.
    Man were the sunsets and sunrises absolutely amazing
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    smoke is good
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    Several years ago the great fires in northern Russia brought smoke to Canada - as we all know, second hand smoke is a killer.

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