2nd wireless card?
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Thread: 2nd wireless card?

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    Question 2nd wireless card?

    Is it possible to run a 2nd wireless card in a Toshiba Satellite laptop. The internal card connects to a wireless projector , and I want to add a 2nd PC wireless card to connect to the internet/my network??!! Many thanks!

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    Yep, I do that sometimes... occasionally configuration is a bit difficult, but it can be done.
    Never, ever approach a computer saying or even thinking "I will just do this quickly."

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    Yes ,if your laptop has two card slots you can manage that.
    But perhaps one card and microsofts Virtual WiFi will be ok also :
    You may try that if that don't work then you can get another wireless card . As for the wireless card , I want to give you a suggestion .The CP Technologies LevelOne WNC-0500 MIMO Wireless PCI Card .Wi-Fi Compliant with IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11b Standards,uses 2.4 GHz Frequency Band.Supports Ad-Hoc (Peer-to-Peer) Mode or Infrastructure (AP-Client) Mode. And the price has been dropped a lot , a recent deal is only $10 :
    I've had no troulbe with it all. Easy installing software, immediate card
    recognition, no hassle connections. Anyway hope this helps.

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