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    DvD Rom problem

    ok first i want to say hello to you all i am a new member

    Ok i have a compaq presario pc yea kinda old but it is what it is ...now ive had this problem ever since i had the motherboard replaced im not sure if thats what caused the problem or not but ever since the mother board was replaced the boot screen says HP instead of compaq and now i cant use my compaq recovery cd's its saying that there the wrong cds...but whatever thats not my dvd problem...it is a samsung sd-616f dvd-rom drives it reads regular cds-cd-rw-and regular dvd but for some reason it will not whatsoever read pc game dvd cds pretty much all good games nowadays are on dvd cd's my computer reads everything in the world other than pc games it used to run them but now it doesnt it intermittently runs battlefield f2142 (which is a dvd cd game) but it will not read any other ones

    my pc is specs
    Pentium 4 2.53ghz
    Phoenix-Award-BIOS v6.00pg
    1024mb ram
    Direct x v9c
    Samsung sd-616f Dvd-Rom drive
    HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8400 cd-rwdrive
    Samsung SV1204H 120gig harddisk
    soundblaster live 24-bit
    ati radeon 9800pro 128mb graphics card

    i have updated every driver i can possibly think of for every peice of hardware i have i couldnt reboot windows because my recovery cds wont work since the different mother board was installed so i dont know much about that... when i put the game cd in or any pc game dvd cd the light flickers on the drive for about 2 minutes like it really is trying to read it and really wants to but then it will just stop flickering and wont do anything the drive is recognized by windows and is visible in "my computer" i try to manually open the cd in "my computer" and it tells me to insert a disk.. i've tried troublshooting and everything is saying its working proprely i have tried everything i can think of to get it to work but to no avail

    i dont think the dvd drive is crappying out on me or it wouldnt read any other cds? but it reads everything including regular movie dvds but will not read dvd pc game cds any help is greatly appreciated

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    It makes it difficult to determine the problem when you use the terms 'dvd' and 'cd' interchangeably and sometimes simultaneously.

    Does it read/play cd data?
    Does it read/play cd audio?
    Does it read/play cd video (mpeg)?
    Does it read/play dvd data?
    Does it read'play dvd audio?
    Does it read/play dvd video?

    If not, which specific one fails and what kind of content, eg, cd game, cd music, etc.

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    What was the original compaq model number? Any firmware updates for that Combo drive will be under the computer model it was supplied with. There are over 50 presario model types. I do need the model number either on a label at the back or under a flap.
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