JVC Evario - GZ-MG27U as a webcam?
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Thread: JVC Evario - GZ-MG27U as a webcam?

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    JVC Evario - GZ-MG27U as a webcam?

    I have been looking around and have the above mentioned device. Its a wonderful little camera and have never had any problems with it. However I am thinking about creating videos straight to the computer. I dont know if this is possible, because i looked around and it doesn't actually show up as a video capture plug and play device when i plug it in. Not sure if this is how its supposed to be or not.

    If anyone knows differently or im just not using it correctly, can someone bonk me on the head and tell me differently?

    The way i understand it is that it records to the HDD of the camera already precompressed and all that. The only thing left to do is edit the video on the computer.

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    Reading your user manual found here there is no mention of being able to use it as a webcam. There is more documentation here

    There are programs out there which allow you to plug in the camera and then stream images from it... it depends whether you think buying a $20 webcam is less hassle than learning the ins and outs of streaming video here is one tutorial but there are several others.
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