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    sysprep OEM Windows 7

    Just because I really have no experience with using Sysprep I thought I would pick some of your brains to see if I can do this. With XP we always have used NewSID to change the SID on imaged computers, however we recently got some new laptops for a few of my administration staff and they would like to keep Windows 7 on them and I was wondering if there was something I could easily do to change the SID or use sysprep to change the SID so I can upload a basic image with all the software for 3 or 4 laptops and then sysprep after the image download to avoid having to set all these up by hand. I am installing Windows using the OEM supplied Windows disc and a bunch of other software and it would save me hours of work. We use Altiris for our imaging needs and it can Image Windows 7 but we need a volume license key to effectively use Sysprep that way which we do not currently have. I hope to change that sometime soon as my organization would like to move to Windows 7 for the next school year at least on some scale, but until then we will only have a handful of computers running Windows 7 so if I can do a manual sysprep or another method of changing the SID on Win7 64bit that would be awesome. I then can join the computer to the domain and save time if the computer ever needs to be imaged in the future.

    Can I just manually run Sysprep out of the C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep folder. I think I read if you check off the generalize checkbox it will change the SID.

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    This has an illustrated guide to sysprep on windows 7. Have never tried it myself.

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