Problem with two drives one wont initialize and one wont come up at all
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Thread: Problem with two drives one wont initialize and one wont come up at all

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    Unhappy Problem with two drives one wont initialize and one wont come up at all

    ok lets start with the first one i have a WD 500GB My Book Office that i have used for about a year, i used to plug it in windows would make the sound that showed a usb device was connected a sort of doot doot sound, and then it would show up under my computer and i could access it from there

    all of a sudden, now it makes the doot doot sound shows up on Device Manager it also shows up on Disk Management but as an unknown drive, but not under my computer,

    when i try to initialize the disk it says the drive could not find the sector requested

    i tried going through countless hours of Western Digital Support and they are rediculous and only told me the drive was defective AFTER A YEAR OF NORMAL USE!!! so i agreed and they sent me a new drive, witch has a whole other set of problems, that replacement Unit is a "WD 500GB My Book Home Edition"

    but the "WD 500GB My Book Office" has about 300 GB of info i want to save the local data recovery stores want to charge me 300 dollars to recover that much info so if anyone can help please please help me, im somewhat computer savy but this is far beyond my troubleshooting abilities

    so part two is the drive they sent me as a replacement witch is a bit updated it has firewire and direct esata right out of the back witch is all nice fot my useage so i want to transfer the old 500GB Office drive info onto the new 500GB Home drive, but the new drive the 500GB Home drive out of box i plug it in via USB and nothing...nothing happends the lights on the drive are on but windows does not recognize it it doesnt show up in devices or anything i dont know what to do with either of these prblems please help cuz Western Digital wont!!!!

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    the first one ....... a WD 500GB My Book Office;

    Have you been using the Safely Remove procedure?

    Does it work if plugged into another comp?

    Can you assign a unique drive letter in Disk Management?

    Data recovery may be possible by removing the drive from the enclosure and slaving it internally on a desktop (or inserting in a known 'good' external case)

    HOWEVER, WD should be approached about that first since it may void the warranty.

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