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    Question VISTA Won'd Load

    Basically, Vaio laptop is dead in the water (just over a year old). Windows will not load (says disk error - will restart). Can not do a system restore (says "no restore point) and will not allow complete system recovery or file recovery. I was able to get into "tools" and that indicated hard drive was "ok."
    Problem started earlier today with slow, sluggish system and then, when I restarted, nothing will load. Can get into F2 and F10 but not safe mode.
    Sony wants $50 for recovery disks (ouch).
    I reset Bios but didn't help.
    Any suggestions and anyone have any idea of what could have happened?

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    Well whether the tools say its ok or not its quite likely that the drive is failing.
    Every new laptop asks continuously for you to create the restore disks when you first get it.
    Without those I am not sure what the options are.
    If the harddrive is going then having the restore cd's may allow you to put a new harddrive in and then restore the system using the disks back to the day you purchased it.
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    Vista Won't Load

    Thanks. But, could it something other than the hard drive? It's a relatively "new" machine.

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    New or not a failure can happen. The fact that you had slowness sounds a lot like a hard drive going out. If you want to have other problems to look into I suggest testing your power supply for the laptop and also the motherboard. That is if you suspect you were hit with a large jolt of electricity that made this hard drive failure occur. Since you say this is new you could look into a warranty replacement for the unit or the failed components.
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