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    Ezonics webcam driver

    I cannot find a driver for a ezonics webcam that I have. I would have the cd for the camera but I was recently robbed of a lot of my technical gadgets and the thief(s) also grabbed most of my data discs. I am stuck with this Ezonics webcam m/n Cam IV S120H and no driver. I cannot find a driver for it, can someone please help me? It loks like they are tits up as I cannot locate a homepage or support site.

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    It appears your thieves were quite discriminating... sorry, but you are better off grabbing a walmart special. As you have found, none of the reputable driver sites have this camera driver.

    If you connect it, does it ask for the Ezonics driver, or does ask for something else?
    Quite a few of these cheapo cameras use the same basic chipset... if you could tell us that, we can find you something that would work.
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