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    This is my first post here.
    I am working as an IT-supporter at a small company. Recently we have had a problem with our roaming profiles.
    We installed Windws 7 on a few pc's, and after that, whenever someone logged onto those computers, their roaming profiles on Server 2003 could not update.
    The users are owners and have full control over their folders on the server, but when they modify something e.g desktop, their profile folder (\\server\profiles\%USERNAME%) doesn't update.
    Windows 7 works with a different set of roaming profiles than older versions, and in regedit I can see that W7 makes a new folder named %USERNAME%.V2, but it doesn't get created on the server automatically.
    I have tried creating the folder, renaming the path in Active Directory, Deleting the local user, changing the path of the user in gpedit, changing permissions on the server, and basicly everything I have been able to find as answers on google.
    I have also tried rebooting and updating the server, but that didn't work neither.
    Different solutions have given different results. The 3 results I have had so far are the following:
    - Windows cannot get the info from the server to read the roaming profile, and a local temporary profile is created.
    - Instead of a temporary profile, Windows creates a folder for the user, but the profile is still local.
    - Windows reads the roaming profile, and all your files are downloaded to the local computer, but it does not update when you log off, and any changes are lost.

    The event log shows events 1504 and 1521 when logging on and off.

    If anyone has any relevant input, it would be greatly appriciated, as this issue effects the entire company.

    Best regards
    Kenneth Thaarup

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    Roaming Profile Problems


    I can totally relate with what you are going through. I had the exact same thing happen to me when I attempted to have Windows 7 roaming profiles work in a Microsoft Server 2003 environment. I have signed up at different forms for help on this issue. However I gave up on roaming profiles before trying other suggestions. I will post the link here as there might be some useful information that could prove useful in your case. Please let me know what you find out and what worked best for you when you get it working. I just don't have the time to play with that sort of thing at the moment. Not enough time or patience.

    Some key things to note from the above link is:

    1) Roaming profiles will not work if you are using ANY kind of administrative account. Don't even bother testing with an account like this.

    2) Roaming profiles act screwy when logging in or out wirelessly... sometimes work sometimes not, with no indication one way or another.

    3) Event logs don't seem to indicate that anything ever goes wrong... curious???

    4) I still get the damn bubble popup that tells me that I'm being logged on with a temporary profile regardless if I have a local profile cached or NOT...
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