I have a couple of issues with a Windows 7 install. In device manager, the graphics card (GeForce 6800 LE) and the on-board sound device (Realtek AC97) are, more often than not, listed with Code 39 next to them. I know that with DVD/CD drives, you fix this by deleting UpperFilters and LowerFilters from the registry but no such value exists for either device mentioned (that I've found).

I have a workaround for the sound card not working, but it's not ideal. I wrote a batch file which runs on start which pings localhost 10 times and then disables and enables the sound device. This does not work for the graphics card, although manually disabling, enabling and restarting works but is a pain to do. The drivers are up-to-date, as is Windows. The computer starts and shuts down with no problems.

Computer specification is: Athlon XP 3000, Abit KV7-V, 1536MB PC3200 RAM (3 sticks), GeForce 6800 LE 128MB, WD 120GB HDD (IDE).

The only other thing of note is that I had some issues installing Windows on the machine. I tried initially for a dual boot with XP but XP would blue screen during the install, particularly if the HDD was being formatted to NTFS. I did install XP with Fat32 and then when I converted the drive to NTFS it would crash during boot. Ubtuntu loaded fine but I don't want Linux.

Owing to the issues with the install, I did some tests with memtest and the memory all failed on Test 5, in the upper ranges of each stick. I tried all sticks separately and also all together. I've tested the CPU and the graphics card was pulled from a working machine.

Windows 7 eventually loaded once I got rid of the USB keyboard and mouse I was using and reverted to PS2. Weird.

Any suggestions for resolution of Code 39??