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Thread: Forgot my admin password

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    Forgot my admin password

    I read somewhere that I should not be using my computer under admin for security reasons. Sooo.... I set up user names for me and my daughter with limited priveleges and put a password on the admin user???? I cant seem to log in under admin. I though for sure I know the password??? But go figure/ now I cant log in under admin. Can install any programs on my computer. Can anyone help???

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    did you make a password reset disk?

    Otherwise, we are unable to help with by-passing any passwords.
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    Unhappy no password reset disk

    no i did not Is there anything else I can do?? Is there anyway to just diable the passwords??

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    As was already said we cannot help. You could be trying to change the password on a school computer,bank computer,etc etc.
    We have absolutely no way to know.
    Call Microsoft that's the simplest
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    Every tech forum I know has a policy that prevents members from helping to evade or crack. Otherwise, the legal fallout could be serious. Sorry, but I hope you understand the situation, kap911.

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