How to get rid of dual boot Linux
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Thread: How to get rid of dual boot Linux

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    How to get rid of dual boot Linux

    Have a Gateway NV5462u, another story in itself, and installed Ubuntu 10.4 on separate partition on C drive. Want to get rid of it and the dual boot option. Can delete Linux partitions no problem but how do I get rid of the GNU Grub v 1.98 on boot up and get back to booting directly to Windows 7. Gateway, in their infinite wisdom, do not ship a Windows 7 disk and will not provide support unless you provide all your personal information to register the computer. They also consider the install of Linux dual boot as an upgrade to the operating system and will only help you if you take paid support. Their recovery disk on the computer appears to only allow a full re install of Windows 7, which I dont want to do, and they wont tell you if you can. So it appears that you can not repair a windows installation.

    Any help on how to uninstall Ubuntu 10.4 would be appreciated.


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    you need to access the Windows recovery environment (winRE), there will be an option to do a startup repair and this will correct your problem. Now, you have 2 ways of accessing it. In most systems like your own, winRE should be pre-installed, you would access it by pressing f8 during the windows boot and access the advanced startup options. Alternatively you can use any windows 7 DVD to access it. If you don't have either option, call Gateway Tech support to find out how you can access winRE on your particular system.
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    Gateway is quite correct. That is an upgrade to the system not done by them and therefore not under warranty.
    Also all other laptop companies do exactly the same thing and do not ship windows disks with the computer.
    You would have been prompted many times when you first bought the system to "MAKE" the recovery cd's. That will give you the correct cd's to do the startup repair I think.

    This might get you into the recovery
    1. Reboot, and press F11 or the R key to start the recovery process.
    2. Select either "Full System Restore (Destructive)" or "Full System Restore (With Backup)"*.
    3. Click "Next", and then click "Yes" to confirm the recovery process.
    4.Wait for the computer to restore itself. When it is done, click "Reboot" to reboot the computer.

    *Full System Restore With Backup preserves data in the My Documents folder, but requires 4 GB of disk space.
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