SoundMax Driver Installation Problems
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Thread: SoundMax Driver Installation Problems

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    Angry SoundMax Driver Installation Problems

    Hi There,

    I am hoping somebody can help me. I have a IBM Thinkpad R60 with Windows XP. My computer is unable to play music.
    When I opened Device manager in my computer I found that under (Sound,video and game controllers) only the following appears:
    Audio codecs
    Legacy Audio Drivers
    Legacy Video Capture Devices
    Media Control Devices
    Video Codecs
    ,Then I noticed that SoundMAX Integrated Dital Audio was missing,after checking device manager in another computer. I downloaded the drivers from the IBM website. I then went on to download the SoundMAX software from the Internet. But unluckily it display this error message during installation:

    "Driver not found! Reboot your system, and run this setup again"

    I tried to reboot the system several times, but the same error message appears. Can anyone help me please. What should I do? Thank you in advance.

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    Is this the site you downloaded from - ?

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