U.S. and Israel release Stuxnet worm.
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Thread: U.S. and Israel release Stuxnet worm.

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    U.S. and Israel release Stuxnet worm.

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    This looks like the early stages of WWIII developing thanks to Israel. They may as well painted a red target on their country for Iran once 2015 roles around.

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    There was some speculation at least as early as October of last year that stuxnet may have been cyberwarfare, and you can find relevant articles on both defensetech.org and globalsecurity.org as well as lots of professional security sites. Interestingly, the pro sites have tended to downplay the idea that the stuxnet worm was cyberwarfare, while the military-oriented sites were quicker on the uptake. http://www.globalsecurity.org/securi...1012-voa06.htm is a good example.

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