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    Cool Hosed up

    I have an HP desktop PC Pavilion d4650y with XP OS that started rebooting itself. Finally it went dark altogether. On restart it began the "bios beep" 2 short and 1 long. After searching forums and HP, it direcxted me to a video problem, so on the direction of everyone that seems to know, I unplugged everything 1 at a time and restarted with the same condition, 2 short and 1 long and no bootup. I took a chance and replaced the video card and no change other than the CPU light on the front case acts as though ther is much CPU activity other than video. I checked trhe monitor on another pc and it works fine. Is the CPU/ motherboard the problem or have I missed something ? Thanks, Mark

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    Look up the beep codes here:

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    Welcome to Windriver Hunterdmg

    The HP motherboard is a Phoenix bios - the beep code means there is a motherboard error.

    From your symptoms it sounds like something has been trying to die for a while.

    The only thing you can really do is remove all drives from the motherboard, swap out the video card and ram for known good ram and another known good powersupply.

    If it works then it was something you disconnected or replaced, so replace the components with the old components one at a time until you find the error again.

    If it doesn't work then it's down to the CPU or the motherboard. The only way to test that is to get a suitable known good cpu and swap out the cpu.

    It really depends how much time you have and how much you like tinkering as to whether it is worth finding the problem or just go get a replacement motherboard or even a new computer.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes.
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    How do the capacitors look? Any leakers? Bulgers?
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    It sounds a lot like a dead board.
    It isnt new that's for sure
    Here is the model and info for it based on your info.
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    Concur on the dead board. Replacements are easy to find, but virtually all will be used boards. Personally, I find it pretty difficult to think of a $60 used board as a good investment, unless you can only afford to resurrect the old machine, and you plan a DIY replacement. I mean, you'd be buying a board about the same age as the one that just died on you.

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    The CPU or motherboard is actually creating a problem because the beeps you are getting have nothing to do with other PC accessories or restart thing.

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