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Thread: Distribution Groups not showing up

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    Distribution Groups not showing up

    Hi, Okay, I have a question related to Outlook 2010. I have a user that just received a new PC. They were using Outlook 2003 and now using Outlook 2010.
    The problem is when they created a new email, all of the distribution lists that the user has in 'Contacts' do not populate. But when the user creates a new email, all the contacts autopopulate, except for their distribution lists. Now I've checked that the distribution lists are listed under 'Contacts'. Even when I search in the Address Book under 'all groups' and 'all contacts' it's completely blank. I've tried to Send/Receive - Send/Receive Groups - download address book. Any ideas why the distribution lists do not show up when she types a new email. They don't even appear in 'all groups' and 'all contacts'. Thanks for any advise.

    I think the problem is either an ID10T or PEBCAK error

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    Hi Todo, this is an odd one.

    Where the contacts properly imported from the previous outlook?

    Export the current address book to CSV
    Then go to a machine that has a fully working groups and export the address book from there too. Now compare the columns of the two CSVs and see if there any difference
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