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    compaq deskpro 2000

    I have aproblem to access bios setup on the pc mentioned above, i have tried F10,F2,F12,Delete and alt+F10 keys but they did not work out.Help me please.

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    The boot up screen should tell you exactly which key(s) to press..

    Try some of these key combinations on startup;
    Press del during boot= (AMI, Award).
    Press Esc during boot= Toshiba.
    Press F1 during boot= (Toshiba; Phoenix; Late model PS/1 Value Point and 330s).
    Press F2 during boot = (NEC).
    Press F10 when square in top RH corner of screen= (Compaq).
    Press Ins during boot=IBM PS/2 with reference partition.
    Shift Ctrl Alt + Num Pad del= - Olivetti PC Pro.
    Ctrl Alt ? =some PS/2s, such as 75 and 90.
    Ctrl-Esc = Misc Puters
    Ctrl Ins= some PS/2s when pointer at top right of screen.
    Press reset twice= some Dells.
    Ctrl Alt Enter= Dell.
    Ctrl Alt Esc=AST Advantage, Award, Tandon.
    Ctrl Alt + =Misc Puters
    Ctrl Alt S= Phoenix.
    Ctrl Alt Ins= (Zenith, Phoenix)
    Ctrl S =(Phoenix).

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    Some BIOS's also support the stuck key method, where you can hold down a letter or number key to simulate a stuck key. On these, that will allow access to the BIOS. Steve R. Jones has the most comprehensive list that I have ever seen above!
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    After a little research, I have fond that some of these models do not have a shortcut key to the Bios. You need to download "Computer Setup/VP and PC Diagnostics" from the Compaq website to enter bios setup.
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