CD-ROM ts-ls633j driver needed
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Thread: CD-ROM ts-ls633j driver needed

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    Question CD-ROM ts-ls633j driver needed

    Hello everyone. I have a HP 6188CA laptop. Cannot locate proper driver for CD-ROM TS-LS633J. I have searched this site for driver but nothing comes up.

    Please advise. Thanks in advance.

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    Guessing that you've been to and have seen their list of drivers:

    And didn't see the driver... What is the history behind the problem? Did you reinstall the OS? If so, did you install the chipset drivers?

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    Drivers for CD-ROMs haven't been needed since the days of Win3.11 - they are detected natively by the OS.
    You can try cleaning the lens if the drive is detected properly by the OS but it's not reading.
    If it's not working then first check that you can boot from a bootable CD. If you can't then the unit is bad; sometimes it may be the controller on the motherboard but a bad unit is by far more common. If you can boot from the CD then try to reset the upper and lower filters per
    My money is on a bad unit though...
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    Hi again.. thanks again fro the replies.

    Before I begin, I wish to make a correction: The unit is a TS-L633J. and laptop is a DV6-6188CA.

    I recently from laptop from a guy online. Never bothered to try the CD-ROM till the other day. It makes noises when comp starts up though. I just installed AVG TUNE UP and it was telling me that there was a "problem" with the CD ROM when trying to optomize my system. So I purchased and installed Driver Genius, yet it does not detect the player.

    I have yet to boot from it but will do so very soon. If unit is bad, can it be easily replaced? Must it be replaced with a TS-L633J or can it be changed for another CD-ROM model?

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    1,328 I am going out on a limb The cd rom needs to be same model to slide in bay. plug and configuration has to match. The above address is for ordering your replacement cd rom.
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    Before ordering a replacement, try CeeBee's fix.
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    I have to think it's gone bad. If you can't replace it right away, you can always use a small external USB dvdrw drive. Those aren't very expensive and very handy in the rare circumstances you need to use a DVDRW or Bluray drive.


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