USB update pc HPXW4400_mb 0A68h_i975x chipset_where
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Thread: USB update pc HPXW4400_mb 0A68h_i975x chipset_where

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    USB update pc HPXW4400_mb 0A68h_i975x chipset_where

    I cannot use the "newer" usb devices on pc HPXW4400 info here
    After connecting the flashdrive (Kingston DataTravelerSE9 8GB) or writing tablets Genius G-Pen F610 although the OS appears, but does not find the driver on win update. Then, these devices are seen as unknown in the device manager (yellow triangle). I tried a different physical usb controller, with the same result. Other devices via usb (older flashdrives, cameras, external hdd) operate normally. On another pc (winxp) operate these new devices too. I tried to find an update for HP motherboard (type 0A68h, chipset i975x), without success. The problem is the timeliness of official support for HP, where the last update chipset is 6 years old ...
    Does anyone have similar experiences with Windows7? Or what you can do in this situation? Return to XP is the last option.
    thanks for the help

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    Intel make it very clear they aren't going to support 7 or anything else NEW on that platform.

    edit: I will note that this site says you have a Intel® Integrated 82801GR ICH7R chipset - if such is truly the case (you should be able to get that spec from the comp) then perhaps researching through that avenue might get some results.
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