Converting 32 bit drivers to 64 bit
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Thread: Converting 32 bit drivers to 64 bit

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    Converting 32 bit drivers to 64 bit

    I own an expensive PCI device (a very cool one I might add)...its a special audio card that can read and transform a stream on the fly at ultasonic speed. (up to 16x 3khz ~3mhz)

    That being said its out of production and hasn't been produced since the last 32bit version of Windows XP. There are no current drivers for it forcing me to deal with XP. I actually like XP and would even appreciate it if I could use the 64 bit version of XP.

    Is there anyway to convert or emulate a 32 bit driver on a 64 bit OS?! Or am I sounding insane?

    BTW the name of the card is EDAT Zing (not much of a name I know), I purchased it from overseas.

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    You could run Windows Virtual PC and run xp inside that. If the manufacturer does not create new drivers, you are pretty much out of luck.
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    You cannot convert the drivers unless you have the source code.
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