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    WindowsXP repairs

    Recently I went to a MS site that dianosed comp problems. She took over my comp. and procedded to go through my files. She typed "%temp% in the run box and brought up a temp folder which was filled with files. She tried to delete them but was stopped. (I then went back in safe mode and deleted them) She then typed something else in the run box, (I missed it) and got a window that showded what was running. A lot of things were stopped, and she said that was causing a problem and my comp might crash if not fixed. She then said I could get a one time tuneup from a MS tech for $109!
    1: what did she type in the run box to get that "programs running" window?

    2: Do those prog. that are always popping up advertising to fix your slow running comp. and backed by MS, as good as a tech tuneup, but a third the cost?

    3: Was she just a salesman?
    I have no problems with my comp as far as prog. running. I only have prob on internet, but figure it's a slow connect speed.

    Thanks for takeing the time to read all this. Seems like I have been typeing all day Hope I'm in the right blog

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    You have been scammed.
    You should never let someone connect to your
    pc unless you personally know them. There are lots
    of commands to type in to dazzle people who know little
    about a pc. This is a huge money maker for scammers
    out on the internet these days.
    Trust me when I tell you that, that WAS NOT MICROSOFT.

    Microsoft on a personal level could care less how your pc is running
    and they certainly wouldn't initiate a personal connection.
    They do have a good free antivirus and a spyware scanner but they dont
    put out popups. Those are from scam companies.

    You need to install malwarebytes and update it and
    run it doing a deep scan and see what comes up.
    Also what antivirus are you using?
    Also since you are running XP and it is old you are particularly
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    AVG and Iobit malwarescaner. Also I cannot restore my comp. to an earlier date??

    Thank you

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    You may find that a system restore won't function depending on the nasties you have on the computer. Many pieces of malware insert themselves in to the System Restore files, and simply reappear. If you have a pre-scam full backup you can restore, that should work, but most folks usually are better off simply cleaning the infections. What I have found to work very well almost all of the time, is to download and run TDSSKiller, followed by ComboFix, then installing MalwareBytes AntiMalware and running a full scan. Followed by something like Eset's Online Scan.

    This year, I'm making a real effort to be a kinder, gentler slgrieb, so rather than say that IoBits and AVG blow dead and decaying donkeys, I will simply say that there are more efficacious products available. A lifetime subscription to MalwareBytes AntiMalware is $25, and it's an exceptional deal. If you want decent, free AV software, Avira is pretty much top tier, but I still suggest decent payware such as Eset NOD32 or Kaspersky. I have a wife and two daughters, so I spend more on toilet tissue every month than either of these products cost per year.

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    Thank you! Think I will look into DL Win 7

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