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    That's right, I'm out. It was good collaborating with all of you. I've been a member for longer than this name that I use and actually joined back in 2000 on an other handle. I've met a lot of fantastic people here, many of whom I respect & admire and I hope to keep hearing from a lot of you. I however will not be coming back to this site much if not at all. The spread of topics has thinned, the new members only stay for their one thread, and honestly it feels like the site dried up. If you send a private message to me I will answer it eventually but this profile is linked to a "junk" e-mail account that I only frequent to confirm a site I had joined up on. I also will respond to PMs to me from people who I don't know if they have a question for me. Those of you who know me feel free to use the messenger links as they do go to current messengers, or e-mail me directly.

    Take care everyone and goodbye.
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    It's too bad huh?
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