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    command prompt

    I heard that is a valuable tool. You can fix problems in windows. Dos commands is there a book or somewhere to obtain the readings to learn and Master that program?
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    Your friend and mine called GOOGLE will help you find all sorts of things when you ask him

    "Dos Commands" is all you need to search.

    I started my computer life with DOS before Windows came out. While I'm not an expert, I am fairly good with it.

    BUT, it's been MONTHS since I've needed to use it.

    There are many more practical things you could teach yourself that would add value to your resume. Dos isn't one of those.

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    About the only think I use Command Prompt for anymore is IPCONFIG and/or PING.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DonJ View Post
    About the only think I use Command Prompt for anymore is IPCONFIG and/or PING.
    that is the only thing in years..
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