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Thread: Outlook Back Up .PST File Question

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    Outlook Back Up .PST File Question

    I have a an issue with outlook sending email to the spam folder. My question is if I backup the.pst file and reinstall outlook will all the rules that were created for the spam mail be saved in the back up and be reinstated once I open the saved .pst file in the newly installed outlook? Thank you for your help

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    Which version of Outlook are you using?

    I don't think message rules are stored in the pst file... Having you been making the emails to Never BLock sender or domain?

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    Thank you for the reply
    The version is 2013
    Yes, rules are made for allowing domain and sender to come in. Its a weird issue. If an email from some one is sent directly to me I may or may not get it in my inbox. If I get an email that is forwarded to me from someone's email that I have setup to receive a copy of it, it goes in to the spam folder. I have never seen outlook at like this. That's why I want to uninstall and reinstall it but I don't want to loose all of my email.

    I just have to make sure if I reinstall and then open the saved .pst that the rules are not saved to the .pst.

    Thank you

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    When you backup the pst file, the Rules. Signature, and the Stationary are not saved. These are located in different locations. As for the Junk email filter, have a look at THIS as this shows you how you can disable the filter.
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    You can take right solution PST Repair solution that recreate new pst file from old backup then easily open with any Outlook application.

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