I have an old laptop from around 2007 or so and got MS-DOS 7.10 and Windows 3.1 working fine. I rename the win.com file to win.old, exit windows 3.1 and run the Windows 95 setup from MS-DOS 7.10. It goes through and upgrades fine, but when it is loading into MS-DOS 7.10, it says Invalid settings in MSDOS.SYS WINVER=4.10. I figured out that 4.10 is Windows 98's version number so I changed it to various Windows 95 version numbers to no avail. I finally up and removed that line in both MSDOS.SYS and MSDOS.--- (which is the same as MSDOS.SYS, but with a different extension), and that error disappeared. I also noticed too that certain numbers in the MSDOS.SYS/.--- files caused them to fluctuate between its normal spot and the bottom in the C:\ directory (I have the file manager addon for MS-DOS 7.10 called Volkar or something). Anyways, the real error I have is a blue screen that appears after typing in WIN to start windows 95. I type in WIN, and it goes to load, showing the mouse and blue-green screen, but then throws the blue screen error. Is it related to the WINVERSION error I was getting before I removed that line, or is this something different? The error message is this; Windows A fatal exception 0D has occurred at 00A8:00007ED8. The current application will be terminated. Press any key to restart the current application (doing this just rethrows the error). Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE again to restart the computer. You will lose any unsaved information in all applications. Any help is greatly appreciated.