need APM driver for windows 3.1?
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Thread: need APM driver for windows 3.1?

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    need APM driver for windows 3.1?

    Hi all !
    I have a old Cyrix Mediagxm laptop , That I have windows 3.1 installed to it and I can't get the APM driver that comes with it, When I select "ms-dos system with APM" the windows 3.1 installer freezes on the screen where you type in your name producy number at and it won't allow me to do anything. So if using windows 3.1 on a cyrix mediagxm cpu does it require a APM driver that is for Cyrix processors? I do know laptop does indeed support APM 1.2. I do know the APM driver provided with windows 3.1 is a Intel written driver, wondering why its not playing nice with a Cyrix processor. Anyone know of a different APM driver to use , or get the APM driver with windows 3.1 to work?

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    The EXACT Same question was asked here almost year ago:

    Are you related to that member?

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