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    Internet Explorer 9 in Windows XP

    I know this sounds far-fetched and you guys are probably gonna think "Why?", but hear me out on this, please. I think I have come up with a way to get Internet Explorer 9 working on Windows XP. What I would need to do is get a copy of vista with IE9 installed on it, find everything pertaining to IE9 (so any dlls, etc), copy it to a USB and then to Windows XP where I would then open all the files in resource hacker and add in Windows XP Service Pack 3 to the file compatibility section (this is a line in the files that tells setup what versions of windows IE9 supports, which is so far Vista and 7), plus change whatever may need to be changed in the registry. After I successfully install this, I would then pack all these files into a setup exe and upload it for you guys to use. However, there is one slight problem. I have no clue where all the IE9 files would reside. I know there is a folder in Program Files called Internet Explorer, but I don't think that is everything. I would also need to know the location of IE8's files in Windows XP, and need to know if the registry has anything related to Internet Explorer in it as well. Once these things are found, I can then start rock and rolling.

    Edit: I found out Direct2D needs to be backported from Windows Vista SP2. I have no idea where the Direct2D files are stored in Windows Vista however. I am in the process of installing Windows Vista in a dual boot with Windows XP right now. Hopefully a Realtek internet driver from 2014 will get wireless internet working so I can install the things that require internet (such as the IE9 installer). I will continue researching Internet Explorer 9 to find out if there is anything else besides Direct2D that I would need to backport to XP. If I find anything else, I will post it here so it can be searched for and found so I know the location of the files. If I didn't point this out before or it wasn't clear enough, you must have Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 9 installed. It can be on a physical, not used computer or in a virtual machine if that's your only option. Windows XP is also recommended. If you do it on an old, physical computer, install Windows XP first and make sure it has some form of working internet (ethernet, wireless, etc), and download this partition manager. If you have a 500gb hard drive, resize the drive and set aside at least 100gb. If you have less hdd space, 25gb should be enough for Vista. It will force you to restart so do it. Once done, restart once again and open the bios before XP loads. Pop in your Vista CD and make sure your computer is set to boot from CD. Once the Installation starts, select the 25gb set aside for the dual boot and make it a partition. Install Vista like normal.
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