Corrupt or overwritten JPG files.
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Thread: Corrupt or overwritten JPG files.

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    Corrupt or overwritten JPG files.

    I accidentaly deleted about a 1000 pictures with a 3rd party program that overwrites the pictures then deletes them. I used recuva but all I find is files that start with "$R***" $RUF98FJ For an example. I try to recover and open the pictue but all I see is this huge "It looks like we don't support this format". I'd be very thankfull if anyone helped.

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    An original bit that has been overwritten with a new bit cannot be recovered. Many years ago when data was still 'loosely' stored on hard drives some very expensive equipment could sometimes be used to determine the previously recorded magnetic bit in that particular location. Today however, the data on hard drives is packed so tightly together that it is no longer possible to use the same technique.
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    Recover from the backup. You do have one, right?
    If you took them with an iphone or android they may be backed up online.
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